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Grow Your Business with Panelfire

Panelfire is an always-improving system that gains new features every month. Minimize the workload, dedicate energy to company growth.

Intelligent Anti Fraud

Eliminate credit card, registration, proxy, vpn and malicious frauds with our powerful automated tool.


Automated order processing, billing management and customer management. We build the most powerful and flexible features for SMM.

Cut Costs & Save Time

Eliminate the headache of manually checking, updating and taking action. Let Panelfire do the job for you.

Payment Methods

Accept payments via PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payza, PayTM, Coinpayments and Stripe. Accept all major cards from customers around the world on web or in mobile apps.

API Integration

We provide robust, scalable and flexible integrations. Offer trouble-free API integration for your resellers. Place your order, check order status, get our service list and check your balance.


No matter what device you are visiting from, enjoy the responsive design, increase sales and offer your customers a wonderful experience.

Elegant Order Processing

With correct order information and friendly error management and placement, it is easy for the customer to understand.

Customer Support

With our thoughtful support ticketing system, your customer gets help faster. Support is more efficient with Panelfire email notification system.

Full-featured Management

Manage APIs, orders, services, news, categories, coupons, support tickets and much more simpler and more effective than ever.


Keep track of your historical orders, payments, best-selling services, revenue, and expenses for further analysis for improvement.

Automatic billing

Panelfire does the hard work with full payment processing and billing automation backed by our intelligent anti-fraud system.

01. Order Overview

Analyze how many orders you've received each day for a month. Using our services overview, business intelligence is possible to see which services have been sold best during what time and to which customers.

Panelfire Order Overview

02. Economy Overview

Analyze your income and expenses. With our smart system, you can now see how much you've paid to your suppliers and how much you've earned as a profit. Reports for each day.

Panelfire Economy Overview

03. Support Tickets

Customers love our design of support ticketing system. The simplicity is wonderful. The avatars are from Gravatar, instant notification via email for both customer and admin.

Panelfire Support Tickets

04. Add Funds

Choose which payment methods require account verification, the verification process is via SMS. Panelfire sends a code to the number, the customer verifies with the code. Prevent frauds!

Panelfire Add Funds

Our Pricing Plan

We like to keep our prices simple & affordable.
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  • Up to 2 000 Orders
  • Ultra-Fast Hosting
  • SSL (HTTPS) Included
  • DDoS Protected
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Setup time: 15 minutes




  • Up to 120 000 Orders
  • Ultra-Fast Hosting
  • SSL (HTTPS) Included
  • DDoS Protected
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Setup time: 15 minutes




  • Unlimited Orders
  • Ultra-Fast Hosting
  • SSL (HTTPS) Included
  • DDoS Protected
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Setup time: 30 minutes



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